Blessed Gérard ˇ Picture Gallery

Fresco in the chapel of the Grand Magistry of the Order of Malta in Rome

Fresco by Mattia Preti at St. John's Co-Cathredral, La Valletta / Malta

Details of an oil painting by Mattia Preti at the Oratory of St. John's Co-Cathedral


Blessed Gérard, verre églomisé picture, Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice, Mandeni, South Africa

Engraving by Giacomo Bosio

Stamp (and details thereof) of the Order of Malta from 1972

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Mural at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice, Mandeni, South Africa

Painting at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, La Valletta, Malta

Oil painting on canvas at the Collegio in Mdina, Malta

Blessed Gérard, Stained Glass Window by Guido van Bessouw at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice in Mandeni, South Africa

Stained glass window, Church of the Bohemian Grand Priory of the SMOM, Prague, Czech Republic

Stained glass window (unknown location)

Bronze statue in Ehreshoven / Germany

Details of the Our-Lady-of-Philerme-Icon at Ehreshoven / Germany

Malteser Hospice, Dortmund/Germany


Cathedral Treasury, Speyer/Germany

Oil painting in the chapter room of the Villa Malta on the Aventine in Rome

The Favray Painting: Blessed Gérard welcoming Godfrey of Bouillon at the Hospital of Jerusalem

and a stamp of thr Republic of Malta depicting this painting

Oil on canvas painting by Rodolfo Papa 2002

Blessed Gérard, Stained glass window, St. Jean de Malte, Aix-en-Provence, France

Stained glass window by Guido Marussig at the Niguarda Hospital Milan / Italy
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Gerard is depicted with a purple cassock, which bears the white cross of the later knights, in the act of offering bread and drinks to the pilgrims. Against the backdrop of a bright emerald green lawn, appears the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades with the powerful buttresses and the great dome.

Engraving from the private collection of the deceased Valentin Graf von Ballestrem from Straubing / Germany

The Blessed Gérard, assisted by two attendants, kneels before a female allegory of the Order while the Virgin and Child appear in a mandorla to impart their blessing.
Miniature "The Consecration of Blessed Gérard" in Book I of the Choral Books with the Arms of Grandmaster Philippe Villiers de L'Isle Adam, Valletta, Museum of the Conventual Church of St. John

Detail of a bronze statue by Pierre Puget at Manosque / France

Sketch for the above statue by Pierre Puget at Manosque / France

Silver Medal by Pierre Puget at Manosque / France

Statue at a Church in Martigues / France

Fresco at the Grand Magistry of the Order of Malta in Rome

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Blessed Gérard, Fresco in St. John's Co-Cathedral, La Valletta, Malta

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Gypsum model for the above plaque at the Grand Magistry of the Order of Malta in Rome.

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Fresco at the Cathedral of Amalfi, Italy

Sculptures at Scala, Italy

Statue in Italy

Relics of Blessed Gérard

More about the relics of Blessed Gérard: The grave and relics of Blessed Gérard

Relics of Blessed Gérard in Martigues / France

Relics of Blessed Gérard in the Chapel of the Magistral Palace of the SMOM in Rome


Relic of Blessed Gérard at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandeni, South Africa

The skull of Blessed Gérard, sent to Malta at the request of Grandmaster Frŕ Emmanuel Pinto de Fonseca from Manosque in the Provence, France, in 1749;
transferred from St. John's Co-Cathedral to the Hospitaller Nunnery of St. Ursula in Valletta in 1865

Cranium relic in London / United Kingdom 

Reliquary at Pisa / Italy

Reliquaries in Sicily / Italy

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Blessed Gérard's Coat of Arms
(above: "french" version - below: "italian" version)

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