Blessed Clemens August Cardinal of Galen

beatified on 9th October 2005

Memorial: 22 March


Blessed Clemens August was born at Dinklage Castle in the Duchy of Oldenburg in 1878.
He was ordained a Priest in 1904 and was enrolled as a Knight of Honour and Devotion in the Order in 1916.
Blessed Clemens became Bishop of Münster in 1933, where he was a tireless opponent of the National Socialist regime (the Nazis) and, because of his forceful spirit, came to be known as "the Lion of Münster,” whose voice was attentively heard throughout the world.
He was created a Cardinal on 21 February 1946, and was promoted to the rank of Bailiff in the Order.
He died on 22 March the same year.

Quoted from "The Missal of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta" San Francisco, California 2016


Almighty, ever-living God, by whose gift the Bishop Blessed Clemens August fearlessly defended your glory, the faith of the Church, and the lives of the most vulnerable, grant, by his intercession, that we may always serve you with all our hearts and love others as you have loved them.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

Prayer in the spirit of God's servant Clemens August

Almighty and merciful God, you are calling people to the succession of Christ who speak up for truth and justice with courage and intrepidity.

We thank You for Your servant Bishop Clemens August Cardinal von Galen who fearlessly fought to protect the threatened lives of innocents during the terror regime of the Nazis.

In many sermons and letters he showed himself to be a courageous and intrepid preacher who, for the love of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, raised his voice to fight for the right of all people to live without fear of the consequences or expectations of re-ward. In his capacity as Bishop, he was a role model of truth and of the Gospel to the people in the diocese of Münster.

His testimony gave many people of honest spirit and good will in Germany and Europe the unique power to uphold their commitment to dignity and the value of human life and to listen to Your word of love more than to seductive human words.

In response to the intercession of Your servant Clemens August, we pray to You, al-mighty God, to endow the bishops and all preachers of the Gospel with an open heart for the love of Jesus Christ and the courage to bear witness with their lives, be it convenient or not.

Fill all believers and people of good will with the spirit of distinction so that they protect and hold holy human live from the moment of siring to the last breath because every man was created in Your image and is filled with your spirit.

Awaken the desire in the Christians of Your Church to be transformed by the Eucharist and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to overcome indifference and disinterest in our societies and to make us the leaven of a new culture of mutual love, justice and peace among mankind.

Through You alone, God of Trinity, we are empowered to do whatever needs to be done. You show yourself as true light and life in your Saints and Blesseds and never cease renewing your Church in spirit and truth.

This is why we praise You, today and forever more.



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