Saint Magdalena Sophia Barat

Feast: 25 May

Picture from Wienand, Adam (Hrsg.): Der Johanniterorden, Der Malteserorden, Köln ł1988, page 596
The title reads: "A nurse/nun of the Order of Malta, maybe depicting St. Magdalena Sophia Barat (1790-1865).
St. Sophie nursed on behalf of the Order of Malta according to a legend"

The pictures above and below show a professed nun of the Order of Malta.
Somebody just nursing on behalf of the Order of Malta would never wear the habit of a professed nun.
None of the biographies of St. Magdalena Sophia Barat state that she would have been a professed nun of the Order of Malta.

S. Sophia
(from: Prokopowski, Rudolf: Ordre Souverain et Militaire Jérosolymitain de Malte, Cité du Vatican, 1950)

If "S. Sophia" as depicted at Prokopowski's book is identical with "Saint Magdalena Sophia Barat" is just a vague assumption.

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